image from Frobidden Planet

image from Frobidden Planet
Graves of Altair IV

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Necronauts

- they came from Undead Space!

From a universe within the negative material plane where the dominant life form is undead, comes an (early) technology adopter, and it has breached the dimensional plane!  

Inspired by equal parts the Micronauts, a few bad TOS Star Trek episodes, and  Judge Death and the Dark Judges, come negative material explorers here to explore, to conquer, and to feast!

Rising up through the Lifewall, these technologically advanced explorers from the Negative Zone, a parallel universe beyond the Negative Material Plane, come here to explore, to conquer, and to feast!

Appearing as semi humanoid transparent armored shells, often manifesting a multicoloured halo or aura (of the kind shown in kirlian photography but in normal sight) up to three feet distant from them.  
Being negative material creatures, they are both undead and, ultimately, made of antimatter.  Their suits allow safe non-corporeal projection with limited interaction in the “mysterious positive material universe.”
Note - as they do originate from the Negative Zone, YES they  can be turned as though undead.  

Necronaut traits
Made of antimatter
Any kind of flesh to flesh or normal campaign matter to necrotic anti-flesh will set this off.   Add both party’s total hit points together.  Roll that many 12 sided dice and inflict that damage on everything in about a kilometer radius.
The Necronauts will not get out of their suits for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.
Any character destroyed thus should be allowed a DC 20 will save; if successful that character has a 50% of being spontaneously reassembled but now made of antimatter and on THEIR side of the Lifewall.  If the entire or most of the party translates across you have your work cut out for you.
Removing one of these creatures from their suits would be a catastrophically bad idea.  But it will. end the threat (and several player characters likely) and possibly stop any more from coming (maybe.  It might guarantee a larger, heavily armed, squad in future.

Beyond the lifewall
The reality raiders come from a place where evolution works in reverse;  ancient complex forms rot and decay giving rise to lesser ones;  on their homeworld, evolution is based on decomposition.  Functionally, they are undead.   They can be turned like undead, and attempting to heal them will inflict damage.   Conversely, their healing arts inflict damage on all things in the campaign world.  
Turning will simply end the encounter; after the turned immediately depart back to their origin point, the rest of the team will also depart in an organized manner.   This return to base however will almost certainly lead to a larger more actively hostile force returning in 12d100 days.  
They will not understand the turning or any of that; they do not have gods where they come from and certainly no clerics so the entire class will be alien to them.

The Negative Zone - From whence they came; a parallel universe located on the far side of the Negative Material Plane, presumably made of antimatter.  AT least one of the equivalent worlds in that universe is advanced enough to attempt to send voyagers “up” through the soft space area for various purposes.  It is of note that the rules of magic are very different in that universe and so certain things that are impossible here are not there.
It is possible that the entire plane is inhabited by the forces of undeath.  Living beings seem offensive to them.   A peculiar form of necrotic evolution is common to beings from this area of their universe.
Attempts to voyage into their universe, breaching the barrier of negative energy (the “lifewall” as the natives call it, the “death-wall” from Jaldipoor’s perspective)  that prevents such transit magically, invariably bring back bizarre necrotic parasites, and possibly diseases.

Role playing these bleak explorers and very Judge Death-like Conquistadors
In  a way you are lawful - you act per a particular hierarchy of orders in a milito-scientific manner.  BUT natural law to you means necrotic evolution resulting in a form of undeath, likely animated by the soul fragments of those living beings in our universe killed via energy drain.   LIfe and all it’s forms to them are terrible alien monsters;  tho samples should be taken back to their universe for analysis.  
The Encounter  will likely begin fairly abruptly as the two types materialize in a flash of blue and indigo translocation energy, some 2d100 feet distant at the closest. They will appear in a tight organized grouping all within 20’ of one another.
Anyone who is actively seeing the etheric plane (or any other type of multi-spectral seeing the unseen seeing into the other worlds ability really, at the Ref’s option) may first see the scout or scouts seemingly rise out of the ground semi translucently and take position before the remainder seem to do so, as if rising out of some great hidden pit.  Once they are all in position the rest of the party will be able to perceive them as they complete their voyage.  

Type One Necronaut - scout

Necronaut Scout  (1-3): Init +;  Atk +5 Waveform blaster fire (2d8+2, 300 ‘); AC 15; HD 3d12 ;hp 33, 28, 23; MV 25’; Act 1d20; SP Analyzer, necronaut traits; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +3; AL  Lawful - functionally Chaotic.
Description - a transparent humanoid figure, perhaps five feet in height, apparently glowing from within with a rosy-golden light that makes it difficult to concentrate on.  Nonetheless, waves of chill radiate out from the figure, which seems to float or levitate, rather than walk upon the ground.   Two golden eyes BURN as they look upon you….
The figure floats in a slight envelope of apparent antigravity;  looking into the light it’s eyes shed will inflict a one time -2 penalty on immediately subsequent action.
Analyzer - a handheld advanced sensory device; it maps and attempts to categorize all of these strange alien forms of matter.  It has a variety of functions
  • Inert Materials Analysis - Scans up to 60 cubic feet of inanimate non living matter / round, disintegrating it in the process.  May later be reintegrated or stored as a data pattern for later analysis.   Simply does not work on “bizarre alien life” i.e. the player characters and the living.
    • In the unlikely event that a character is made of nonliving material (an Imperishable Body for example) they will find their consciousness lives on for a time in a place of utter nothingness they will eventually perceive as darkness until reintegrated or the analyzer or it’s are destroyed
  • Energy Field Analysis - The primary tool for exploring “this strange new universe of living things made of strange positive energy.”  Will identify advanced technology, magical items, and active clerics, elves, and wizards immediately though indiscriminately.  May also be used to analyze one of the energy fields (spells) so created; well enough that subsequently, the Analyzer may be able to functionally create a dispel magic for purposes of Spelldueling. Attempting to neutralize such a spell operates as a normal spellduel save for the following
  • The Scout’s turn tracker begins at 8 not 10.  The scout can only counter with a dispel magic like effect.   Their action dice for this purpose is a d16.    (Subsequent encounters with the necronauts will move the tracker’s starting position to 9 and move the action die to a d20.)
The Scout’ spellduel ability is Intended as more of an interesting annoyance than existential threat; needless to say do not expect scouts who engage in this behavior to survive long.   In play, scouts tend to annoy the party wizard or whomever for a round before most die rolls lead to the scout getting mysteriously (to the players) vorped out of existence.
Neutral Waveform blaster - an energy weapon firing directed beams of short lived ‘neutral’ (protomatter) jacketed particles that work equally  well on all forms of being - living and unliving alike.   
Does absolutely nothing v. conventional inert matter (if the analyzer can break it down, then the Waveform blaster can’t affect it)   
Dmg 2d8 +2 to living or undead matter. (Even medieval armor is proof against it under the circumstance)

Type two - commander
Necronaut commander  (1 or 1-6 number): Init +3; Atk Field projection blade  +3 melee (2d8) and/or lasersonic rifle +6 missile fire (1d12+2, 1000’); AC 18; HD 5d12+/-x; hp 53 or  hp  46, 45, 44, 40, 39, 37;  MV 35 (hover); Act 1d24; SP necronaut traits; wave field nullifier  SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +5 ; AL Lawful (chaotic).
Larger, bulkier versions of the other units, these seem to be made of nested shells of semi transparent material with the faint outline of a skeleton located deep within;  in fact a thin veneer of bright red flesh exists but tightly over those bones.  More detail is difficult to ascertain due to a small box carried in both hands that is sending out waves of alternating black and white light that distorts everything around it.

The military end of the operation; essentially shock troops here to assess and protect the scouts during initial recon.  Subsequent expeditions will see more of them operating on their own, establishing a secure base of scientific operations.

Wave Field Nullifier
Allows them to create negative energy fields heal their injured and, in theory, to resist the effects of channelled positive material energy but they as yet have not had to figure that out yet.
Can also inflict damage on the living of course.
Device functionally has 5 stored charges that each inflict 3

Lasersonic Rifle
A strange and apparently foreign technology to that carried by the rest of them, this is a “conventional” energy weapon made out of a magical protomatter matrix; allowing it’s use by the Necronauts; presumably they have secured control of its manufacture from some third party…..
A dual focused sonic attack using a super pumped targeting laser to deliver the attack and with precision.  
Rifle setting one is an overwhelming stun force sonic attack.  One target at a time must succeed a DC 20 Fort save or be rendered unconscious after taking 1d4 points of damage.
Setting two (provided it hits the target’s ac) inflicts 2d6 heat and light damage, as well as 2d4 sonic damage.  Characters may save Fort DC 18) for half in both cases.
Some will carry a Field projection blade - a blade shaped projected force field that allows for melee combat and will not cause a matter antimatter explosion. Good things to have.   The force field is not radiant but instead seems to be made of the absence or warp of light around it.  It does 2d8+1 on it’s own to living things and can safely be assumed to be able to chop through most things of light density and tensile strength.

Type three - Conquistador of Unlife
Monster Name (xx number, if applicable): Init +3; Atk weapon +6 touch (2d8 xp drain) or TriGun +5 (varies see below, 450’); AC 20; HD 7d12 ; hp 63  MV 30; Act 2d20; SP Touch of death; Effect Fields, necronaut traits; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +8; AL Chaotic..
The most easily mistaken for undead, these green glowing spectres seem semitransparent and only semi material at all times, though anything they touch or pass through seems affected.   Once they become engaged in some manner of interaction however they change colour, from white, to red, to black. Sometimes appearing to be two or three different beings at once. (All of which comes from the various distortion effect fields)

The Type Threes wear much more advanced “Effect Field suits” that allow them to interact with almost any material thing safely - but on contact with the living the effect creates a life energy drain.  
Type threes only manifest when violence has repeatedly been visited upon the explorers, especially once most of a team has been killed.   They pursue with single minded purpose the destruction of that which caused that, and is quite thorough in assessing and cleansing ‘secondary threats’ as well (it considers most life inimical however so….)

Tri-Gun - has three settings’
  1. Negative blaster +5 to hit, does 2d8 necrotic damage
  2. High explosive +6 to hit, fires 1d4+1 mini missiles each doing 1d5, target is on (chemical) fire for three subsequent rounds taking 1d3 each round, fort save dc 14 negates damage.
  3. Deathgun a single target must make a DC 20 fort save or drop, possible survival subject to later rolling the body results.
Also has Target seeking - the Type III can name a single target which the weapon will strike at for +7 inflicting an additional 2d5 damage above and beyond the above.

Effect Field Generation
Death Field - drops everything in a 50’ radius unconscious and with but 1-4 hp remaining.
Vampirism Channel  - drains 6 hd/round from one target at a time;  stored life energy is used to power abilities, recharge weapons, and stored in anti-energon vac tubes for later analysis.
Touch of Death - the field is set to “spectral” and the touch of the type III inflicts a bizarre form of necrotic cancer on contact with living flesh, tumoring the afflicted character with rotting sores for 2d6 hp damage, a point each of Stamina and Strength damage,  and a DC 16 Fort save or be struck dead.   These sores will likely require the work of a great cleric or an even greater quest to heal if one survives the attack.
Hope they aren’t contagious.

Should the / a type III be defeated or if for any reason at that point additional forces are mounted, at that point you are looking at something akin to an actual invasion.   At that point the fragging lifesies will be sent Patient Company.
Patient Company, should you want stats for it, would likely consist of
at least several “type IVs” - the Death Marines,
and at least one Type V - an Agent of the Necro-Singularity, the last of which should be a match for a very high level party on their own.)
And scads of the above.  


The Type III is, even though statted wildly inconsistently (like the rest) is a party killer.  Pure and simple.   I should pro’lly have dialed back a bit but as it is….it doesn’t really feel butch enough to me.   Add or subtract those fields all you like. I was going to give it an advanced form of the Scout’s analyze (aka disintegrate) power but that seemed just...excessive.
Not something I’d throw at a party less than six honestly. Note: have yet to run a game that got higher than third level so take my comments with a grain of salt.
Also the Type III is actually based more off of Judge Death than Barzon Karza but I couldn’t find a suitable image - the colors in the Karza one are spot on tho.

I include the idea of Patient Company for completeness but that sounds like a game ender to me.  Maybe a good one?

If you have the  2015  gong farmer's almanac (and...why don’t you?), consider also using the Anti-matternaut from Volume 2 (which also inspired this encounter!) .  I might suggest having the anti-matternaut appear a few rounds prior to the rest of them, in anticipation of colossal energies being released.    If they have been seen in proximity to the anti-matternaut any consulted sage or loremaster may suggest they may be the same thing from different ‘avenues of spacetime’ - different timelines from the same weird universe perhaps.  
Loremasters.  *snort*

And because this hasn’t gone on long enough…… Optional extra

Qualzarius Rann - Explorer and adventurer
Qualzari Rann, Quantum Scout  Init +5; Atk weapon +2 vibroblade (3d6) or lasersonic blaster +5 (variable, 130’);  AC 16; HD 5d10+3; hp 51;  MV 90 flightpack, running speed ⅓); Act 1d20 + 1d16; SP whatever the Ref wants; SV Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +4; AL Lawful.
Vibroblade does 3d6 per hit/ 60 minutes run time before recharging
Lasersonic blaster - identical to the lasersonic rifle above but stage the damage dice one one step each.
Flight pack - cool flying device; partly antigrav, partly reactionless thrust, part jetpack.  Likely cooler than you.
Enigma field generator - aka fistfuls of plootwavium;  at the least it’s likely what they used to pursue the necronauts to the character’s homeworld and plane.  Go wild with it tho, make him the champion of his people…..

Rann hails from one of the seven nested Microscopic universes known to sages; his is presently being invaded by the same anti-matter universe that has sent the Necronauts to the campaign world.
His initial appearance is diminutive (likely he may be mistaken for a tough talking heavily armored pixie or such at first) no more than a few inches high, but as he spent centuries exploring various quantum realities prior to the invasion, he is used to strange environments and thinking on his feet.  
At the Referee’s option he may, in subsequent encounters, be joined by:
Martwinette Vau, dual plasma pistol wielding valkyrie princess of her Necronite occupied homeworld,  
Kublau Kinse’ the Farseeker heir to his Grom/earth elemental worshiping warrior race, wielding a mighty sword of his ancestors, and  
Zzz’kkkk’llip (Called Cricket by her companions) - an exotic but jocular insectevroid who has fled her homeworld under an assumed identity to dodge out on her obligation to birth millions of offspring - instead serving as the Farseeker’s  spear maiden against the Necrothantic Invasion (and she fights and flies with the rocket lance of her people).

Afterlife the War of Overworld

Inspired somewhat by the Light and Darkness War and a bit of the Princes in Amber. And Tron.  And a bit of 40lk and some Luther Arkwright for flavour.

Not everyone who dies is dead.  Depending on where you are in the omniverse, sometimes as many as one in a thousand deaths are not deaths at all - they are recruitment.
You are pulled out of your cozy little smudge realm; your conception of the universe to that point by the great and terrible clockwork angels of ceramic and steel, iron and endless spinning wheels.
You have been recruited, drawn into the True Reality, and made to fight in the Great War.
The great war is not law v. chaos, it is Progress v. Destruction.

Your side - the architects and caretakers and coders of the omniverse, the clockwork angels seek to create to organize and then to diversify all of reality.  

Destruction seeks to prevent this.   

Perhaps at some point the War began when destruction’s forces did a thing and that created the various imperfect universes?  Or at least affected the many birthing universes at that time.

The conflict primarily occurs in the Overworld, a vast hyperspatial void. The True Reality.   Great Angel Grid Ships sail out and imagine-create new possibilities and then the Formatters attempt to organize them before they are Destroyed.  This is the First Front of the War.  IT is strategy and computation and endless fighting.  
The whole of the Clockwork Angels inhabit this realm and nothing more.   Their great ships are vast and spread out enough (And, well, the backdrop of all Reality is theirs) and so many never encounter conflict.
And it is onto one of these ships you have been recruited. You and other dead folk from across the near Omniverse.
You will train and then you will travel through the Gridway that allows each of the ships of the Angels connected and interconnected, and one.  And then you choose a front.
Most meat beings wind up going back into material reality. Few can manage to remain in the sterile backdoor reality for long without suffering ill or undesired effects.
Possibly some sacrifice themselves to become new angels.  This is kept secret.

Lots of Fronts in the Shadow worlds (like the universe you came from but many many others)


How did you die
  1. Drug overdose Become Healing Alchemists
    1. Can transform anything; can use their bodies as foodstuffs and drugs for allies
  2. Hate crime Become Thoughtcrimes
    1. Trained invasive investigative telepaths who are psychically dependant on their friends to keep them in line.
  3. Swivel chair syndrome - Slow slide into self destruction become Grunts
    1. Unremarkable in life, you are only chosen for utility.  Faintly gargoyle like.   Plug and play clas
  4. Suicide Become Martyraces
    1. Flying battle angel types;  designed to go solo in combat and take a lot of fire. Showy as fuck.  
  5. Participation in Warfare become Nifilfrit “smoking death”
    1. Half face and form is death incarnate, half is burning spirit of first creation.   You walk, death follows.   You are hollow however and long for the missing parts of your previous existence. Love, empathy, joy.
  6. Abuse of authority Become Blindfuries
    1. Chosen and deliberately twisted by psychic surgery into truthspeakers and incarnations of justice itself.  Quasi group mind making up the Goddess Justice.   They are all blind or blinded regularly and from this they derive their strength. Incapable of acting unethically as they believe it in any given situation.  

How do you feel about the Angels

  1. Second Chance. Now you can do something that matters
    1. ARe given clairvoyance abilities that work across the omniverse
  2. Religious contextualization problems
    1. Are empowered with a “show the light” ability allowing them to force / share their viewpoint on another
  3. SF  does not go for any of the heaven / angel trappings at all
    1. Are given first grade logician training.  You have uncanny flashes of insight as your subconscious mind is slowly evolving into a super computer; one day you will be called to battle school where only the best will survive to the Second Level
  4. Suspicious
    1. Are given the ability to determine, unerringly, when someone is being knowingly deceptive.
  5. Antagonistic
    1. Are given the power to heal their allies, friends, and loved ones if any.
  6. refusal/red pill/ wants to go back
    1. Are given window opening abilities, allowing them to see and transit to anywhere in the omniverse save their own home.

How do you wish to fight the forces of destruction?
Because of pointless ideas of parity thanks to years of white wolf abuse, I insist there’s a third group of thingies (backgrounds or stuff) one gets from having opinions on this. Like above, dig?

Friday, June 23, 2017

More urban blight for All Your Houses (Dagger 9)

MOAR 0 level scrubs to die for you, all shiny chrome

Cop - You are a filthy stinking pig;  roll again because that’s your undercover.  DON’T BLOW YOUR COVER - Ever seen Reservoir Dogs?
Starting - whatever your cover starts with, minus one random item, constant unending tension. Heatburn

Biker Nun - For some reason the City has a number of, sometimes competing, sometimes cooperating, but always inscrutable gangs of biker nuns.  Some are actual members (or former members) of one of the Catholic Churches; many are not.  Some come from the vinyl & leather scene;  and some honoring an ancient tradition of Perpetual Indulgence.
Starting - An electric neo chopper that needs work; jump battery with 45 minutes of go-juice; nun outfit (specifics provided by player), 1d4 items of use in religion, drugs, or sex work. Switchblade or collapsing baton (1d4 crit on 20 either way)

Gogo cage dancer - You shake your groove thang in one of the sweaty clubs of the flesh district;  
Starting - thong, chaps, 5d100 sweat-soggy chits, hat of the player's choosing, glitter, implanted thumblade (see below)

Filthy mutie - you are a registered human (or worse, animal) mutate; you probably live on a protected farm or reservation...which might just be a corp 99 story highrise with blacked out windows.  At best you are on the public dole and watch a lot of bad television in lieu of socialization.
Starting - Distinctive appearance, obvious visible tattoo or stamp, Condition chip, one minor not very useful side effect type mutational "ability."

Baby brat of influential feuding house - as Families That Matter have done since the dawn of time, they war on one another and have a bunch of kids to carry on the feud;  you are one of those child soldiers-to-be in the family business, whatever it is. Right now no one older than you gives a damn however.
Starting - large but casual wardrobe, strictly theoretical access to your family's large stockpile of guns, cars, and other valuables; the enmity of a rival house for things you had nothing to do with, a slight tendency towards drama.
Oh, and roll all the dice you have.  You probably have about that many chits on you right now. Just randomly. Shh. Don't tell anyone

E.G.I.  - By discharge or by AWOL you were recently an indentured member of the city’s Urban defense Force; better known as the EGI - the Easy Going Infantry.  
Starting - Juice Box implant, dog tags, single syllable nickname that you respond to better than your own actual name, and your personal "quality blend" of narcotics, stimulants, tranquilizers, and hallucinogens (or whatever) set to constant slow drip.
  (Likely much of your casual  conversation is limited to comparing  "mix loads" with similarly  minded people for some reason.   Peppered with meaningless phrases like OPLAN, ‘theatre of
 operations’ and ‘ JAFO’)

Ghoul - Either you were exposed as a child or managed to evade the ghoul round up of 2115; you are one of the “few” remaining carriers of the Moltz-Smeltzovich Adaptive Necrophagic Viral Parasite;  Well, that or you are just a cannibal.  Either way, protein sniffers can smell the man-meat on your breath; even with gold credit you will not be permitted to dine anywhere public in the city;  
Starting - deep freezer somewhere with a month’s worth of … rations.   1d4 complete wardrobes of random missing people, 1d4x5d12 credit chits,  Carbon fiber hacksaw.  Job in waste reclamation.

What? Someone’s missing the Birth Augur table?  I got you covered!  Every baby is genetically tested on birth.
As these are a skosh more powerful than in normal DCC, they may not(save where noted) kick in until you level.
(archetypes instead of zodiac - sometimes in game these CAN change)

  1. Unnatural hair colour.  Can be whatever is desired on reaching level 1. +1 to Pers rolls involving cool hair.  Character will be noticeable.
  2. IN your blood lies the last genetic material of the CHUD.   Your complexion takes a nose dive and you might secretly like to live in filth.  You will never have health coverage or get a good job you freak.   However add your luck bonus to your con, one time only, on reaching first level.  Yes really.
  3. Pretty pretty eyes - Personality rolls
  4. Actual Mutant - character’s bodily fluids are mildly caustic; this does not do damage but they wear through their clothes much much faster than anyone should.   As  a side effect, the character also sweats profusely when warm or (worse) when humid. In the City, this is all the time.  Hydrate.  ANY luck modifier (high or low) means the character may inflict 1d5 points of damage to anyone they can trick into drinking their blood (or whatever).
  5. Primal Aggression Response - Attack rolls
  6. Twin Aptitudes of Art and Surgery - luck adds to Melee attack rolls
  7. Potential sniper -luck mods  Firearms attack rolls
  8. Skittish - luck alters AC
  9. Genetic Predisposition to Ruthlessness - Critical hit tables
  10. Hand/eye Coordination - Fumble tables
  11. Knack for Precision - Damage rolls
  12. Active Curiosity - Search rolls
  13. Product of their Environment - Attack and damage for starting weapon
  14. Coolness under fire - Initiative
  15. Will Not Die  - luck mods Hit Points
  16. Parent dodged a literal bullet - luck affects Reflex saves
  17. Toxic Environment - luck alters Fort saves  
  18. Lesion affecting cortical development - luck mods Will saves
  19. Natural Linguist - Number of languages
  20. Born track star - Speed (each one adds 5”)
  21. Altered Immune System (Healing) - luck modifies results of diced healing effects.
  22. Odd Joints - luck mods Escaping traps
  23. Of Hardy Stock - Saves v poison & drugs
  24. Knack of Cleverness - Saves v. Traps

MOAR Cybernetics for those who want a higher tech game
(that pro’lly won’t break it)
Optional - start everyone with a single one of these, at 0 or 1st level, depending on Referee Sassiness Index.
Note I didn't say super powerful. Or necessarily useful.

  1. Implanted thumblade (retractable 1d4+str tho crits on a 19-20; d4 on table III)
  2. Implanted tracker and Tracker Plus- lucky you;  you’re a revolutionary that knows things or a sex pervert...something someone thinks is just wrong. Valuable but wrong.  Someone knows where you are at all times and may know more. Optionally you may be a member of the Glasshole Guild and  fully aware of this and broadcasting your life as performance art / guerilla surveillance of everything around you.  (Why would you want this?  If you’re employed you’ll likely get a weekly stipend or such depending on the nature of your ‘performance.’)
  3. Juice Box (Implanted drug autoinjector) a small dedicated autodoc implanted in the torso; allows auto injection of onboard drug load with a thought or other designated trigger.  Character is probably HiAF all the damn time.  
  4. Head(or hand or arm; conceivably anywherE) Phone - Aside from a pleasingly interlaced / interlocking pattern of tiny metal “wires” embedded in the upper external spine (back of the neck) no one can tell you have a phone on board. At the least, capable of anything a smartphone can do now….just in your head (or wherever)..  Videos plays by brain direct interface or projecting micro holograms onto the eye itself.  Almost certainly giving yourself cancer.  Will certainly show up on detectors and scanners. (So much for them not knowing huh?)   Sometimes you get bizarre satellite communication in your sleep in a variety of foreign languages.
  5. Neo-martian Plug Worm - okay, don’t tell anyone you have this.  At some point you volunteered (or were volunteered) for Project Silkworm - millions volunteered (millions wanted to eat that winter). A permanently implanted cloned martian slugworm lodges in the character’s anus and consumes all waste material; they need never poop again.  Every week the slugworm tail (it’s exit tendil extends out of the body) can spin up to the character’s body weight in super silk fibers.  The incredible tensile strength of your secret shame can hold INSANE amounts of weight (you’ve not found just how much yet, you can hang from the ceiling long as you wear no pants)   Every week, roll a d4, on a 4 the slugworm gets cranky and stops taking your shit until you feed it tequilla.  Lots and lots of tequila.   And mescaline. WARNING: Plug Worms find a compound contained in the drug Zip to be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Combine these at your peril.......
  6. Biofilm eye camera - a parasitic contact lens that bonds with your eyeball and allows the capture of visual images and about a terabyte of onboard storage (protein memory).  Memory can be downloaded with a protein sequencer - download will take the form of particularly epic eye boogers*.  ANYTHING your character can see can be recorded.  Storage can be single images or as ‘video’ - storing full eye quality memory images eats memory and no more than three minutes of “full sense video” (eyesight level quality) can be captured without requiring memory discharge   Illegal as fuck without the proper paperwork. You don’t necessarily have that.  Also they have a reputation for giving people bothersome allergies while in use.  
*Likely, you will have to pull it out yourself. Remember, no one wants to watch you do this.  Speakng of people, once they know you have a one will talk to you. Promise.  You Glasshole. 

and of course MOAR GENERATORS

d8 gangs found walking after midnight
(You know who they are)
  1. Inquisitors - red robed jacks and jills who are violently opposed to anything fun. Most go about armed with replica DCC melee weapons.  Unpleasant. Almost no one will come to their defense.
  2. Clowns - bikes, speed, and melee weapon laced street violence.
  3. The Jackholes - a mob of up to sixteen brawny, not too bright folk banded together to dress like firemen and beat the shit out of anyone who doesn’t look like them.  Kind of like City cockroaches in that they are EVERYWHERE.  
  4. Mutants - wanna be morlocks who disfigure themselves with razor blades and wear a very….off mock up of 1980s punk couture. Also talk funny.  They like to stick things with knives a lot. (Sons of Batman optional.  Gotham 9mm is another thing ENTIRELY)
  5. A bunch of stupid “post structuralist, nationalist neo-Objectivist  revisionists”  They’re nazis, hoping to start the Fifth Reich.  (The Fourth is so passe)  Beat their ass.  
Armed with untested baseball bats and shitty knives. Totally
collapse in a real fight.
  1. Neighborhood Watchmen - costumed fuckos here to “protect the neighborhood”  most of them are exhibitionists who use this a pretext to be nose fux.  Mostly harmless.   Not a real gang.
  2. The Boleros - a group of competition ballroom dancers (dressed like bullfighters!) who move in groups and are trained in self defence to keep folk from picking on them.  Generally middling to expert martial artists.  Will leave you alone unless you are obviously bringing the rent down locally.
  3. 1d12 random boosters looking for a little mega violence. . USe the hobgoblin stats from DCC core and assume they are armed with the largest machetes you can find.  Roll initiative.   
Ref is urged to wing or go easy on the cybernetics unless they
want a tpk.  Which is their prerogative.

d6 random witness & bystanders
  1. Slack jawed corporate drone in a stained pollencock t-shirt and chinos; in fact this is Linus the Swill, legendary computer hacker and until five minutes ago consultant for a local mob bank.  Now he is on the run with the entire outfit’s account codes with intent to drain them and run somewhere VERY far away.  Just standing next to him will probably get you shot at. A lot.
  2. Exquisitely dressed suit, very lean, unreadable poker face.  She is probably with the mob (one of them) or one of those “Special Government Contractors” that fill out kick murder squads.  In fact she’s just another wage slave, putting on her best “Do not talk to me” face so she can just get to work without your bullshit.  Unlikely in the extreme to get involved in much of anything voluntarily.  
  3. Orange Splice - Sneering bored rich kid with rodent and kangaroo gene mods.  Carres no chits as “he’s not a pleb.”  Might decide one of the characters is cool and start following them around as an act of tweenage rebellion.   Absolutely useless in a fight save as a hostage or irritating asshole you feel compelled to defend.   
  4. A modestly dressed High Priest of the local Church of Sutekh Final Redeemer.  Also an academic authority on black magic. If black (or other) magic works in your game, he might be a very good friend to have.  Quite sincere in his faith that “The Destroyer is coming and we should all look forward to it.”  Relentlessly cheerful.   Happy to help.
  5. Sierra - gender bendy  6’2” street samurai with more cybernetics than God.  Will likely resent, violently, being dragged into someone else’s bullshit.   Easily capable of taking the entire party while taking a booty call on their mastoid phone.  Will not arbitrarily take life unless the life has levels or there’s a hefty paycheck in it.  Bright bright blue hair.  Modest stim addiction.
  6. Iago Antagonist - teenage bike messenger, private courier, and pizza delivery boy. Working off a 10 year indenture to the Generalissimo of the City’s Defense force.  Might approach characters looking for people to rub his master out. If you have magic in your game, his ...hobbyist interest in ancient Sumerian may be handy

d7 worst times for a drug flashback
  1. Landing a space shuttle can’t be that hard….
  2. “And the Final key sequences is Alpha Golf….shit.”
  3. “What seems to be the problem officers?”
  4. While getting jumped on by a particularly irate grizzly bear who escaped their habitat to go tear shit up.
  5. “Okay so the file says your reali identity was…….Bob are you okay?”
  6. While undercover to infiltrate the cult.  
  7. A gun or knife fight (see below)

d6 awesome places for a gunfight
  1. The Opera
  2. The top (of course) of a hydroelectric dam
  3. Inside a moving city bus
  4. Water Parks
  5. A sinking ship at sea.
  6. A drug lab

d7 awesome places for a knife fight
  1. The loo
  2. A sex toy shoppe
  3. Inside a moving car
  4. Inside an automated assembly factory (just picture the last five minutes of the Terminator and you’re good) - such factories can be assembling ANYTHING desired - toy guns, cybernetic implants, hoverboards, robotic back hoes, ground effect vehicles, whatever.
  5. On the docks during a hurricane
  6. Underwater inside a water reclamation tank
  7. Micronized and injected into a corp exec’s brain stem

D14 reasons why the Heist went bad
  1. Is one of you playing a cop? No, really.  Check.
  2. “Left for Now.”
  3. Sold out - someone, likely someone central to planning the job, set you up or sold you out. Either way, when you got the place, both Johnny and Joan Q. Law are there...laying in wait.
  4. McGuffin Tease - the goal of your heist is not there.  The rest of the heist may run smoothly but the goal, the target is simply Not Where IT IS Supposed to Be.
  5. One of you has been implanted with a chip that records all you see and do; the hacker responsible contacts you the day after the heist with intent to blackmail your party. Find them.
  6. Mob - The person who gave you the job or the information owned a tremendous amount of dosh and credit to someone with “the” as a middle name.   They may attempt to interfere with or prevent the heist...or arrange to aid the characters in exchange for a cut.  Which mob?
  7. Another heist - Someone else is there for the same thing you are.  Possibly another group of the same size with roughly the same or somewhat better capabilities.
  8. There is a stage 2 e-viral alert ten minutes into the job. All of your phones, and other wearable / implantable communications technology began ringing at top volume simultaneously. Could make it difficult to sneak around.  Will not be silenced or muted short of removing the device battery.  Persists for ten minutes.  Note that this will affect EVERYONE not just the PCs
  9. During the job, UN declares a twenty block radius to be under Human Environmental Containment - a stage two biohazard cordon is set up around the area where the job takes place.   Getting out of the area may be difficult, moreso as shooting your way out will put you on every digital screen from Kinshasa to Lunar One.   At least for a few days.  Also why is the UN there? Are they covering up a corp weapons or drug test?   Possibly they also want the Mcguffin.
  10. The Empire Never Ended - one of your team mates has “a moment.”  Referee selects the player. The player names who is affected.   The affected believes that they have been struck by an information dense, bright pink alien communications laser from some mysterious satellite.    After an ayahuasca-like religious experience that seems to go on for d12 hours (actually 1d5 rounds) the character will be compelled to explore their new religious truth.   No matter what the new religious conviction shall be as unshakable as it will be….unique.   The new convert is likely going to not shut up about their newly derived universal truths.   Should the team survive the complication, player should be encouraged  to develop their new wacky religious belief - the nuttier the better.  
  11. Someone, chosen at random, shouldn’t have eaten those noodles.  With a burble of tummy noise and drama, character doubles over to puke and starts firing out of both ends.   This may make things…..difficult.  Body will attempt to purge itself of basically everything for the next four to six hours.  Do not bitch when the player asks you why you hate their character.
  12. A key to time - The Mcguffin isn’t.  Once acquired, the Mcguffin stands revealed as actually something WHOLLY different from what they thought it was (this could be simple misinformation or it could be a thing that actually changes its shape).  Likely whomever stashed it here knows precisely what it really is...and is going to be unhappy with you.   Bonus points for making the true nature of the Mcguffin the ‘unfound quest object from that other game you are running.’
  13. MUCH Better than Life - There was no heist.   In 1d6 hours (game time or real) the drug trip will end and everyone will find themselves in one character’s living domicile or arrangements, with all the signs that the party has been hanging out doing designer drugs for the weekend.   On the plus side, no one is dead or shot or bleeding out.  On the downside, none of the money, loot, or XP are real either.  Life is hard.
  14. Red Pill - As above but the characters are awake only briefly, as they are disconnected from their legally mandated Two Day Holiday Sim and are now going back into CryoMax Super Prison for another 99 years REF NOTE: If you are  running this game and you go all the way with this, I hope you are not playing in meatspace because otherwise, when the players are done with you your body will never be found.