image from Frobidden Planet

image from Frobidden Planet
Graves of Altair IV

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Worlds of the Imperium - Dulcinea

(Dulcinea/Ylesium)  - Second world of the star Ylesium

Plasma Sails over Crystal continents; World of the floating magna-crystals

World gravity 0.67 g  
Atmo  nitro/oxy/traces 66/31/ 3%
World composition
Much of the world’s carbon is caught up in the “Crystal cycle”
  • This cycle has been slowly disrupted over the last 30,000 years, and most especially over the last 10
  • Export of crystal structures has occurred long enough that crystal formation is now occurring at a slower rate.  
  • Imperial scientists formulate that this may even slowly bring the turbulent world core to a full halt in half a million years at the present rate of “mineral estrangement”

World is crisscrossed by immense bands of incredible geo-magnetic force, somewhat overlapping with the leys
Surface of planet immense crystalline formations forming over vast floating islands of salt, in a shallow warm world ocean.   The skies are a constant turbulent aurora save at the equator.   
In between the crystalline mountain ranges, the climbing-crystal formations of the ground, and the magnetic storms of the skies, there are seas of floating crystals and magnetic rock, in regular orbits, slowly decaying and being replaced by other, newer formations that break off rather than fall.   These crystal islands have populations of blue, spider-like beings that spin immense webs between them.  
A race of imperial humanoids exist in the millions that share the world with them. (See below)

Surface meteorology
Dust storms (which are dangerous to unprotected eyes) - see also below under Salt Winds.  Greater degree of turbulence as one approaches the surface due to differences in atmospheric density.

The Salt Winds - the name for the “precipitation” that in some sectors Dulcinea is known for.  The volume of crystalline dust generated by the mining and cracking of many of these crystals leads to vast upper atmosphere wind storms.  These are like Terran wind/dust storms but of course with winds of higher velocities and blowing small diamond dust like particles from a variety of originating sources.

The Crystal hunters are nomads that exist in a somewhat “culturally symbiotic” relationship to the Spiders.  “The Spiders” are definitely the species “on top” on Dulcinea; they control the industrial processes with regard to the crystal industry, on world.  It is they that the small scruffy unofficial but vast band of Dulcinean crystal hunters primarily serve and service and do business with.  (Though of course off world, those in the know find that experienced Crystal Hunters are ideal candidates for certain types of theft and other criminal enterprise in the Empire.  Some crystal hunters are happy to see the universe and ply their trade in a wide variety of climates and environments.
Some in the stratosphere use immense magna-sails to remain aloft, so long as they do not try to cross from the north to the south or vice versa, they may likely remain aloft indefinitely.  On the “ground” large salt harvesting industry-cities slowly sail-crawl over the shallowest of seas.  In the middle zone between the highest surface peaks and the lowest floating islands, there are many large plasma sail skiffs coming and going, the small ones on business, and the large ones immense pleasure craft, many belonging to the barons of the crystal market.

World settled during interregnum prior to the Second Empire by Friggian crystal hunters.  The inhabitants are thus descended from second clade Friggians (Who were quite likely mine-slaves.) and primarily display second clade morphology
Dulcineans frequently have light blue to gray skin, with many evincing a spotting pattern. Of second Clade Friggian descent and morphology (newer (blue skin, white hair, hair along ankles, feet, wrists, sometimes facial hair as well to a greater or lesser degree)
Exports – Crysteel, Dulcinean crystals, other crystals, salt

Crysteel  (a particular variety of crystalized iron, introduced in the early Second Empire era, normally “grown” in 0g grows wild and irregular in the skies above Dulcinea. The unique qualities the Crystal cycle endows these metals with makes them highly sought after for experimental Imperial tech and especially the outfitting of custom starships.  Crysteel has a unique mixing process which manages to preserve some of the other qualities that get mixed in due to “impurities.”)  skiffs take loads of the crystal “iron” to low orbit and there massed Low orbit factories produce great sheets of Crysteel. 
The full write up, including the Crystal Hunter character class and more is here

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Worlds of the Imperium - Seltremachs-3

Race of red skinned humanoids; Most are essentially Orc or Oni looking; (tall, big, red skinned, pointed incisors, and standard DCC characters may well mistake them for such. Run with it.)

Cold and electrical hardiness - Their ancestry and genegineering gives leveled individuals the ability to shrug off a number of points of cold or electrical damage / round equal to their attack bonus. 
Natural Weapons  Their bite does 1d4, those who file them (who are many) do 1d6+str bonus; on a fumble they inflict the full amount of that die on themselves.
Hit Points:   1d12 HP/level
Weapon Training: All melee, they favor large clubs, large scimitars/cutlasses (such war cleavers are passed down as clan weapons, reforged every few generations), and most especially pole arms.  They are also conversant in the use of the common Club, Mace, Net, Spear, Knife, Dagger, Ax, and Hammer.
They do not have a tradition of bow or crossbow use.   Instead, they have two varieties of primitive firearms.  
At most they receive light armor training.  Many prefer to do battle the old fashioned way, naked or nearly so. (Nothing heavier than Piece mail is to be found however).  A combination of biology and culture law strongly disincentivize the wearing of heavy armor (or clothing for those with an especially feral bent) by many.  Nonetheless they are conversant in light and medium armors. They are much more likely to wear piecemeal armor of some variety. 
Alignment:  Chaotic. Some few are Neutral. Lawful ones would likely be outcasts, or very old very parked matriarchs.
Attack Modifier +1 / level after 2nd.
Overkill Dice -  Lit. Extra damage dice.  In exchange for which they increase crits less rapidly as precision isn’t really their thing. (And they never do get a wider crit threshold; tis always 20)  Overkill dice only apply when using weapons with which the character is familiar.  Tactics are not precisely a thing the barbarians of this moon are known for.  In battle, they are often content to merely hit their targets as hard as possible, in the meanest place possible, and have a laugh about as they keep doing it.   Off world they are known as cheap and thuggish muscle for any number of traders or criminals who can articulate past the cultural divide.   Most work for battle, not coin.  
Seltremachian metabolism -     Due to their unusual metabolism and neurological relationship with pain and adrenaline, Red barbarians are frequently slow and sluggish on the first round of combat, especially when they did not initiate the violence.  They may not use their overkill dice and receive no attack bonus.
However on the second round of combat and subsequently the character proceeds without penalty. In addition, beginning on the third round of combat, provided the combat has been a continuous one, the character becomes supercharged, their adrenaline and pain receptors singing their brain into a higher order of functioning.  Each round after the second, the character recovers 1d3 hp or 1d2 stamina loss at will, provided combat continues.     
After extended bouts of melee the red barbarians are known for voracious appetites and almost drunken behavior as their brains are oversaturated with free neurotransmitters; under these circumstances their already short attention spans can become like unto non-existent. Most throw themselves into bouts of urge indulgent behavior before returning to battle and starting the cycle over again or entering an extended period of sleep.   And so the cycle of life on the third moon of Seltremachs continues…..,
Critical Hits Improve but slowly see below.
Initiative     Adds class level to Init. Rolls (but see Metabolism above)
Luck -         can add their luck to rolls to resist poison or environmental toxins
 (Lithium & Cobalt for example)

Table Seltremachian scavenger barbarian
Attack bonus
Action Dice
Crit die & table
Threat Range
Ref save
Fort save
Will save
Overkill die
1d20 + 1d14
1d20 + 1d16
1d20 + 1d20
1d20 + 1d20
1d20 + 1d20
+1d12 +1d6
1d20 + 1d20 + 1d14

World details, 0 level occupation charts, and world specific equipage, critters, and stuff here.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Spiders of dreams and gears.

Plague wheels spider  Init +1; Atk bite +1 (1d6); AC 16, HD 2d10; MV 25’; Act 1d20; SP Mucous injection (see below) takes no damage from blunt weapons or poison; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +0, AL C.

A large (16 inches across) jeweled spider, seeming wrought of metal and gemstones, surprisingly light as it scuttles up your body and onto your face.
The spider rides your face at night, filling your head with a lightly paralytic gooey substance (that is nearly indistinguishable from snot) that over the next d7 saps you (daily) of d2 Sta, d2 Str and d3 Pers; if caught early in many societies this will likely go unnoticed as just another bout of illness.
Anyone else will find that they die in their sleep on the relevant night.   Their consciousness however does not wander far afield.  The sixteen glass ‘slats’ mounted (eight to a side) along the ‘spider’s’ thorax are galvanic-orichalcum treated glasstel soul storage crystals.  The deceased’s consciousness and soul remain within, sleeping though dreaming of life as a predatory spider.  
D3 nights after the deceased died, unless measures have been taken with the body, it is possible the spider will suggest the remnants shift up into their next form.
At that point a mysterious and bizarre ‘clockwork infection’ sets in.  Over the next day period, the body slowly grows an assortment of gears, springs, and pulleys within the body, wrought largely of the deceased’ own tissues, until by nightfall the body is such that the spider can puppet.

Owing to its extraplanar origin (somewhere between the Clockwork Doom and the land of Nightmares likely) it takes absolutely no damage from blunt or piercing weapons. Only slashing and energy attacks will inflict normal damage upon one of these creatures.   Further the spiders are immune to poison, including gas attacks. They require neither air nor food.  

Note also, the mucousy proboscis is AC 8 when exposed and must be exposed for a round before and a round after penetrating the head of a sleeping person.  Inflicting so much as four points of damage directly to it will render it useless; double that will remove the proboscis and assembly completely.

Plague wheels spider-zombie  Init as spider; Atk +1 by weapon or +1 fists  (1d3 plus 1d4 from metal spikes that extrude on a hit); AC 12 (as deceased), HD 2d8 (never more than host organism however); MV 25’; Act 1d20; SP  immune to mind control, sleep, or mind influencing attacks and effects; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +0, AL N.

Unless freed from their ‘glass’ housing, the souls will remain perpetually trapped within the spider’s corpse, even after it’s destruction.  Any magic, super-science, psychic or psionic attempt to move that soul may be successful however anyone so returned to their somewhat rotted, gear infected corpse would likely (DC 22 and higher! Will save to avoid) go mad with the constant sound of their own, constant and grinding mechanical processes while attempting to inhabit a fever heated but nonetheless rotting organic brain……...

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Imperial Omnimancer’s Littlle Dataslug o’ Spells (index)

Basic Hexweave (Curse) - Orgonnemancy
Eyes Behind the Wall -

Affect Alien Humors -  
Affecting an Arcane Manner - illusionist
Backstep -
Fleshcraft -
Parasite Manipulation - Biothaumaturgy
Obscure Ephemeral Traces - Orgonnemancy
Sense Arcane Flows - Orgonnemancy
Share Truth of the Primordial Void (Void)
Summon Astrogalactic Sprites
The Distorted Black Rainbow of Emptiness
And more Arcane Affinities - (Astromancer, Crystalmagic, Orgonnemancer, Bio- or Cyber- Necromancy, Time magic, and Void Magic)

A bend in space and time -
Brew Star Mead
Suspension Cocoon
Sovereign Glue
Universal Solvent
Alert the Overworld to Judgement -
Assume the Program Form (Cybermancy) -
Augment Risen Minions - necromancy
Bond Hostile Parasite -
Calling the Judgement of the Eyes of Total Disdain -
Conjure/Extrude Biomatter
Eldritch Brain
Exchange Mind -
Fleshcraft - Chitin
Graymatter Goo -
Lesser Causality Violation (Time)
Locate Celestial Star Road -
Paradox message:
Patternspawn - Orgonnemancy
Runic Alphabet - Thakett-Naganar
Summon Deep Space Entity
Summon Deep Space Seed
Obscure Arcane Traces -
Void Proof Soul (Void)

Bind Travel Daemon  -
Call the Mothership -
Derive Ideal Worldline -
Hyperspace Travel -
I’ll see you at the end of time -
Information Transit -
Obscure Psychic Traces - Orgonnemancy
Manipulate Cosmic Ether Flow
Phlogiston Walk / Hellride -
Shadow walk
Summon Starseed
Sub-Dimensional VIsitation
Time Loop (time) -
Tyrannosaurus Hex -
Void Proof Body (Void) -

Assume the Galaxy Body (Cyber-lichenization)
Breach Primary Quantum Shell -
Call on the Duke of Supernature
Construct Pathway
Dive into the Seas of the Omnimind -
Flow with Oneness - Orgonnemancy
Invoke Pure Source
Pattern Hyperspace -
Sustain Superposition State -
Wind From the Invisible White Light Of Sagittarius A
World Doom Curse

Obviously this is a work in progress. Some of these are done, just a few. Untested tho.ugh. A few of these have cunningly already been posted. I'll add links as we go.