image from Frobidden Planet

image from Frobidden Planet
Graves of Altair IV

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

So while digging around in my files (I was going to share One Thing Out.  Four hours later I've reorged half of my drive.  This is why putting that organization thing off will bite you in the end) and ran across a thing I wrote....sometime.  IT made me laugh and I want to test settings you go.

The Gm has just has decided "F@!$% this session" tale

In a flash of cheap trilocation magic, the character is suddenly on tour with a pandimensional intergalactic rock band, on its farewell tour before it dives out toward the big spiral galaxy you’ve got nearby.  It is weird and groovy and Daft Punk and Love and Rockets, and Liverpool, and Tanith Lee, the Tomorrow People, Andre Norton and any 50 issues of Heavy Metal (as long as they are the first 50) all rolled up burned to dust and smoked fine.
Age 1d10+4 years; biological clock reset to starting character age plus 1d4 or new body if this takes the character beyond their natural lifespan.
Character learns a smattering of Spoken/Audio-Gestural PanGal and the basic starways around the Greater Magellanic Cloud and in particular it’s largely telepathic and aquatic Galactic Federation.  
Work Visa - esperlingua impaired Galactic Federation / Zone exchange (10 local years remain)
1or more (roll a d4 and add one) programmed amoeba
  • Translator film (ear-audial nerve)
  • Scribescum (floating ink-like fungal ‘crobe, translates 500 written languages)
  • Gutwash
And finally the gravimetric key to a space yacht in definite port in a space station orbiting a Mass recharge station on the far side of 1987A.

Maybe an old teleport spell misfired and it’s Just Now Going Off.  Or the party’s nemesis threw a delayed curse at them. Or radiation from the crashed starfreighter they looted is interfering with their metaphysical powers. Whatever.  The character/party is abruptly elsewhere - in the hold of a passing space freighter.
(System shock or blow oats after moment of total disorientation;  Thief-acrobats, monks, Illusionist, Assassins, some rangers, Horizon Walkers, Gatecrashers, etc. may save to avoid  Teleporters, and most Clairvoyants immune;  most experienced space travellers immune)
However, a crime has been committed aboard just prior and the strategy computers compute that YOUR character has the best chance of resolving the situation.   (Ref: pick the paladin or other character with obvious moral compass and axe to grind. Need not be good)
Depending on nature of ship and crew this could mean the other characters are fitted with explosive bolts or could be considered as part of the “needed computation.”   

All chaotic characters are now the mob.  All Lawful characters are g-men; all Neutrals are journalists, or cops, or bystanders.   Start with the basic game and go.  Bonus points to the Referee if the Irish mob call the characters Chlurichans.
Ref’s option as to whether PCs retain their magic/sf gear and powers while they are here and if escape is possible (or desirable!)

The Imperial Navy has received authorization to sterilize the site and the containing 28.4 mi hex surrounding down to a micrometer.   Antimatter is probably involved at some point.  
To hell with this Tom Cruise shit, unless you can save v. Gamma Rays don’t even ask about survivability
23% of being flung to some far plane, planet, time, place, dimension, or game system, perhaps indefinitely.   No save unless you’d rather be dead.
(Referee:  play Khyber Pass by Ministry REALLY LOUD and theatrically tear up your notes if you are so inclined.  Just for this hex though. )    

Demons pour from torn holes in reality.  The uncoiled uncoil and tear their way from underneath and rage across your world’s landscape.  The Gods smite all who oppose them. IF there be no true Gods, then Unimaginable Space Horrors do it instead
(Really, difference?)  
The moon(s) go dark or red or both.   The sun's) shine at night or when they aren’t supposed to.  Dogs and know.

IN a rain of burning raging fire, all life is extinguished.  But next week the Ref would like you to consider a game called Top Secret…...