image from Frobidden Planet

image from Frobidden Planet
Graves of Altair IV

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bugbunny - a mutant for MCC / DCC

Bugbunny - a mutant for MCC / DCC

Bug Bunny (10-40) Init +3; Atk weapon +2 ceramic longsword melee (1d8+1) and/or PVC spear +1 (1d6+1)  or +2 PVC javelin missile fire (1d6, 35’); AC 12; HD 3d8; hp 19, 18, 17, 15, 13, 12, 12, 12, 12, 11; MV 40; Act 1d20; SP radio sensitive, ultravision, shed skins to avoid deathx; SV Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +1; AL Chaotic.
Defect/change - Body structure change (skin - bright colour; makes it v. difficult to hide DC 20 even under ideal circumstances); also if reduced to zero HP can wriggle out of torn skin via rapid shedding and emerge, wet and skinless, with their STA in remaining HP. They may only do this once in life.  
Ultravision - the bug bunnies can see in one to three (how many depends on the individual) shades or colors of UV light, each discrete from one another. Typical range is 60’ though it can range up to 100’ in elder specimens.
Ultracast - being sensitive to radio emissions up to 1 km in distance and able to pinpoint those within 100’  
At level one and higher, can broadcast in short bursts (INT in words) up to level/day though this will give them away to most artificial life and robotic units.
Appearance - upright, oversized humanoid rabbit, ears terminate in curled SF-style “bug antennae,” with oversized compound eyes to complete the Bug Eyed Monster bit.   The antennae and eyes are both sensitive to radio and UV fluctuations.
They come in a variety of colours - all of them some combination of white + a pastel shade (1. pink 2. blue  3.  soft purple 4 red).
Most of them will shed their skins, like lizards, at least once in life. Sometimes they will find a new skin colour or pigment patterning underneath.

Organizationally they have few laws or things held in common beyond family bonds. They tend towards rigorous individualism; many of them are anarchists. If there are Hoops in your campaign setting (or equivalent) they are not related and likely will not get along as they are fairly opposed philosophically.
The Bug Bunnies mostly exist at a late hunter-gatherer stage of social organization, most of the population scattered around the grassed valley that has arisen on the eastern side of a great crater. Much of their purpose (and likely, their intelligence) derives from smoking or consuming great purple and green mushrooms of faintly radioactive aspect. Their ancestral den is in a largely intact six level subterranean ground car park, once hardened for government officials, beneath the decaying remains of a pre-disaster building of record keeping. (The still mildly radioactive super structure above is intact but the building is not. The inhabitants of the rest of the crater find the super structure faintly resembles a human skeleton and avoid it as taboo. IF it is necessary, know that the building was for housing the master copies of a once decade genetic census.)

At the Judge's option any band of 10-40 may have 1-4 shamanic types who are especially adroit at the use of these mushrooms and will use them to power 1-2 mental mutations or any single level one or two spell (pick your rulebook) up to fifteen minutes after consumption.

No pics because I suck.
Also a bug eyed rabbit is much harder to find online than I would have thought. I mean really.